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CRASH LINEN Back To Draperies crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-celery cash-linen -drapery-valance-fabric-color-white crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-cinnamon CELERY                WHITE               CINNAMON               GOLD                 HUNTER                   FOG crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-gold crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-hunter crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-oasis crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-palm OASIS                 PALM                      SPA                   CHILI                  BEIGE                 CEMENT cash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-spa crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-chili crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-fog crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-grass crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-navy GRASS                NAVY                 ROYAL                    GREY              PARCHMENT            OATMEAL crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-royal crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-beige crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-cement crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-chocolate crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-cabernet CHOCOLATE         CABERNET               OYSTER             SAUTERNE                STONE             TAUPE crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-gey crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-parchment crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-oatmeal crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-pale-yellow PALE YELLOW crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-oyster crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabic-color-sauterne crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-stone crash-linen-drapery-valance-fabric-color-taupe Traverse rods can be purchased on the drapery home page. Go to Drapery Home Page.
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Crash Linen Drapery Sample/Quote Form

Include drapery rods? YES NO Comments: Quantity          Style                       Base Color              Trim Color               Width Quotes will be priced as lined pleated or rod pocket draperies. To order samples only, select the color(s) you want to order and leave the rest blank. Use the form below to add a valance or cornice to the drapery quote.  All valances shown in two colors can be made in one color by selecting the same color for the base and trim.
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